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  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  
We strongly recommend that all ComicBidz members review ALL questions and answers.

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For Sellers
How do I put an item up for auction??
Once you have requested and received Seller status, You post an item for auction by going to you My Area page and clicking on the Post New Auction link. Follow the instructions on the form carefully. When you have entered all the information for the auction, click on the PREVIEW button at the bottom of the form and you will see how the auction will look when it is displayed. You will also see a listing of any fees you will be charged for posting the item for auction at ComicBidz. You can go back and REVISE your auction information from the Preview page, or you can click on the MAKE LIVE button and the auction will be listed on ComicBidz and available for viewing and bidding. You can also re-list an item after it has closed, or use an existing auction description to create a similar item and post it for auction.
How many items can I auction at one time?
As many as you want.
How do I change my item's description?
If your item has no bids on it, you can change anything in your auction description.  If your item has at least one bid, you can only add to the description.  Both these options are available via the ...edit link under the title of each item you are selling in your My Area Page under My Auctions.
How do I end my auction early?
If your item has no bids on it, you can inactivate or delete the item.  Inactivation means it remains in the system and can be re-activated later. If you delete an item, it is permanently removed. If your auction already has bids on it, you can still end the auction early, but this is a serious decision: You should only do so for a very special circumstance, and you are required to email the bidders with an explanation as soon as possible. The User Agreement requires to you start and end auctions in good faith with the members of ComicBidz and ending an auction early can be an infringement of that agreement and trust. Ending an auction early because you have received a private offer to purchase the auction item at a price which is higher than the current high bid is NOT an acceptable reason for ending an auction before the ENDING DATE you originally specified on the auction listing form when you posted the item for auction at ComicBidz.com.
How do I find the results of an auction?
Go to your My Area Page and then click on My Auctions to view the status of your current auctions or Completed Auctions to see your auctions which have ended. Email notifications will also be sent to the highest bidder and to the seller at the end of each auction.
How can I contact the high bidder of an auction?
When an auction ends with a winning high bidder, the MPB system will automatically send you a notice, providing you information about the sale and the buyer's Member Name and registered Email Address. You can use this information to create an Invoice to send to the buyer. At other times you can go to your  My Area page and click on Completed Auctions. There you will see a list of all your completed auctions. Locate the auction listing you need to work with and look for a link which displays the buyer's Member Name and a link that says "Contact Buyer". Clicking this link is a good, quick way to send a message to the buyer when you're not sending an invoice.
What can I do if the high bidder fails to complete the transaction?
Please state precisely in your auction's PAYMENT TERMS or description how quickly you expect the high bidder to respond to your invoice (or to the automatic notice they receive when the auction closes, if you do not send out an invoice.) We recommend you send the winner an invoice when the auction closes, and repeat how quickly you expect a response. If the high bidder does not respond to your deadline, send them at least one polite follow-up message to remind them. If the high bidder is communicating with you but has some kind of problem, please try to be patient and work with them to complete the transaction to your mutual benefit. Almost all transactions can be completed successfully, even if one situation sometimes requires a little extra effort. If, after several attempts, you cannot communicate with the high bidder or cannot reach a satisfactory agreement with the high bidder to complete the transaction you can:

1) File NEGATIVE FEEDBACK on the high bidder for this transaction. Be specific in your complaint and do not use rude or offensive language. Just state the facts. Make certain what you say is accurate. Filing false feedback against a member of ComicBidz is a violation of the User Agreement and can result in the suspension of your membership.

2) You can try contacting the next-highest bidder for the item and inquire if that member is interested in purchasing it. While it is a violation of the User Agreement to use of our services and website to solicit sales outside of ComicBidz, in the case of a non-paying bidder we make this allowance as a service to our sellers. Do not abuse this privilege and contact other bidders to try and sell them anything else, or try to sell them duplicates of an item, or any other item, they have not won in an actual ComicBidz auction. If we become aware that you are doing this, your membership will be suspended.

3) Send an e-mail to us, using the CONTACT link at the top of the page,  informing us that you have a non-paying bidder or are unable to complete the transaction. Please do not do this until you feel certain that there is no way you can complete the transaction. We take such reports seriously and investigate them. If a non-paying or non-completion report is filed frivolously or in haste because a seller does not want to take the time or make a cooperative effort to negotiate a successful transaction with the high bidder, it can seriously affect the seller's membership status.

4) Within 30 days of the end of the auction. you can request a refund of the selling fee. But first you must inform us of the non-paying bidder and provide all the details relating to your best attempt to complete the transaction. We will investigate the situation and make a determination if a full or partial refund will be issued or not. Issue of any refund is at the sole discretion of ComicBidz. Requests for a refund that are received more than 30 days after the close of the auction cannot be accepted. The Inclusion Fees originally charged to list an item cannot be refunded.

5) You can re-list the item and auction it again.

What are the auction fees?
There are no fees to register with ComicBidz or to enter a bid on an auction item. Sellers pay various fees for selling on the auction site. You can see a list of the current fees by going to your My Area page and click on the link which says View Auction Fees to view the current fee schedule.
How do I make my item(s) more marketable and stand out from the others?
Include a quality picture of the item and make use of HTML to spice up your item descriptions. Write a clear, informative TITLE for your item. The TITLE is what people see when they are browsing the categories. Use your own mailing list to inform your previous buyers of new auctions. Make use of the option to FEATURE your item in its category. Upload an image to be shown as a "thumbnail" next to your auction item in the category and search listings. Write detailed and accurate descriptions of your auction item, including the condition of the item (grade the condition of your item accurately to encourage people to bid with confidence -- and to avoid bidder disappointment and requests for you to take back the item and refund their money).  IMPORTANT: Any picture of an item you use in your auction MUST be a picture of the actual item you are offering. You many not use a "generic" image to represent the item. What the bidders see in your auction listing must be an accurate image of the actual item they will receive if they win the auction.
How can I add pictures to my listing?
You can include HTML links in your item description that point to images stored on a web server. There is no charge to do this. If you are unsure about how to do this, there is a link on the listing form you can click to get some helpful HTML hints.

Also, you can upload an optional image to be used as a "thumbnail" picture which will appear next to your auction TITLE on the category listings and search pages. This image will also appear full-size at the bottom of your item's detailed description.

How do I set up a Seller's account?
First you must register for membership. Once you have established your regular membership by confirming your email address, log-in to the auction site, click on your MY AREA  page and then click on the link which says "Request Seller Status" and fill out the short form. Click the SUBMIT button below the form to send it to us. You will not be asked for a credit card or any additional personal information, but we do require members to personally request seller privileges so that we can send them a copy of the Seller Guidelines and they can confirm to us that they have read it and will abide by it. The Seller Guidelines can be found in the User Agreement.
Can I re-list an item after its auction has expired?
Yes. In your My Area page under Completed Auctions, beside the item whose auction has expired, you will see a link called Offer Again; click this and you can set this item up for auction again using the same information or modified information. If you have several items which you want to re-list at the same time, you can click on Rapid Relist to select multiple items for a bulk re-listing.
What is the My Archive area for?
When an auction ends, it is listed in the Completed Auctions section of your My Area page. If you have a lot of items in this section, you can move some listings to My Archive where it will be easy to access them while completing the transaction and leaving feedback. This allows you to keep your Completed Auctions page clear for current and up-coming auctions. From the My Archive area, you can review past item information, un-archive an item so you can re-offer it or offer something similar, or you can permanently delete the item from your system. Make it a practice to delete items from My Archive when you are sure you will no longer need them to keep your pages loading as quickly and easy to manage.
What is a reserve price?
A seller can set a reserve price for an item.  The reserve price is the minimum amount the seller will accept for the item.  If the reserve price is not met, the seller is not required to sell the item.  The reserve price is hidden from all bidders. Because the reserve is hidden, many people do not like to bid on reserve auctions. If you feel you need to get at least a certain amount for a given item, you might consider using a higher starting price instead of a reserve. That way, potential bidders can see what's really going on with the auction. If you make the starting price a mouth-watering *bargain* price (but not a total giveaway) you may find that you get much more interest and bidding on your item.
What is a feedback score?
A feedback score is a way to rank a member's overall profile based on feedback from other members.  The feedback score is calculated by adding up the positive, neutral, and negative ratings received from other members who have been involved in auction transactions with each other.  A positive rating is worth 1 point, a neutral rating 0 points, and a negative rating -1 points.  So, a higher feedback score means the member has received many more positive than negative ratings from other members.

For Bidders

What is proxy bidding?
Proxy bidding means you can enter the maximum bid amount you are willing to pay for an item -- but you won't necessarily have to pay that maximum amount. When you enter the maximum bid amount, the proxy bid system automatically makes your bid just enough to make you the current high bidder -- it holds the rest of your maximum amount hidden "in reserve".

As the auction progresses, if someone outbids you, the system will automatically increment your bid to keep you the high bidder -- but only just enough to counter any other bids coming in -- if no one else bids over the maximum amount you have set, you will automatically win the item at the lowest possible price. This is nice because it means you don't have to be constantly checking back at the auction to make sure you have not been outbid. If the maximum amount you entered has been reached by another bidder, you will receive an email notice to give you a chance to enter a new bid amount. Proxy bidding is a great tool, but it is always best to try and watch an auction close if you are trying to win -- because someone may outbid you at the last minute -- and you might not receive the email notice in time to do anything about that.

How do I find the results of an auction?
If you have placed a bid on an item, go to your My Area page and click on My Bids to track the status of your bids.  You will also get email notification when you have been outbid or if you are the winning high bidder when an auction closes. But outbid notices can arrive in your email inbox too late when an auction is about to close, so you should use My Bids to check on auctions that are about to end. If you don't place a bid on an item but still want to see how the auction ends, you should bookmark that particular auction in your "Favorites" list so you can return to it after the auction has closed.
In the My Area page, some item bids are red -- why?
Items appear in red when someone has out-bid your highest bid. You need to up your bid else lose the item!
Can I retract my bid?
No.  A bidder cannot retract a bid. This is why it is very important to carefully consider your bid before you make it. You are entering into a binding contract with the seller to purchase the item if your bid should be the highest when the auction ends. This is what you agreed to when you registered for membership with ComicBidz.com, along with other membership requirements as stated in the User Agreement.
What if the seller no longer wants to deliver the item?
 A seller is required to sell you the item at your winning bid price, plus any shipping and handling charges they have clearly stated in the auction description. Sellers are not allowed to add additional charges or "hidden charges" to an auction item's invoice that were not clearly stated in the auction description. Sellers are required to contact the winning bidder within 48 hours of the auctions' close with an invoice and payment instructions -- or else to put different instructions for the buyer  in the auction description itself. If the seller does not want to abide by these terms of the auction after you have won, and you have seriously and courteously tried to resolve any problem the seller might have about delivering the item to you, then you can file negative feedback on the transaction and contract ComicBidz with a Problem Auction Report by going to the Contact page and reading the instructions there.
Are there any fees for bidding?
How do I contact the seller of an auction?
From the auction description page, you can click on the link to ask the seller a question. If you have won an auction, you will see a link to contact the seller on your My Bids page. You will also receive an email notice with information on the seller of the item.

For All Users

How do I register?
click here to access the register page! Registration is free, and requires no credit card number or detailed personal information. You do not have to be a registered member to view auctions, but you cannot bid or sell until you register. When you register, you agree to abide by all provisions of the User Agreement as posted on the ComicBidz.com website. Click here to view the User Agreement.
How do I change my Member ID, password, email address and other membership information?
To change any of your account information, click on My Area at the top of the page and then My Account. Please keep your account information secure and confidential -- particularly your Member ID and password. Do not give them to anyone else or respond to any requests to provide them in any email you might receive.
What if I have a problem with a feedback comment?
If you receive a feedback comment which you feel is false or uses unacceptable language or is otherwise in violation of the ComicBidz.com User Agreement, contact us and file a Feedback Dispute Report so that we may investigate the situation and adjust the feedback in question if we determine such action is necessary or justified. You acknowledge that filing frivolous Feedback Dispute Reports, as determined by ComicBidz.com, can damage your membership status. If you feel a feedback comment you have already submitted was made in error, you may file a Feedback Adjustment Request. You acknowledge that filing an excessive number of Feedback Adjustment Requests, as determined by ComicBidz.com,  can damage your membership status.
How do I submit feedback?
Only the high bidder who wins an auction and the seller of that auction item can submit feedback on each other. Click the Leave Feedback link in the auction listing in your My Area page on your My Bids or Completed Auctions pages. All members agree to be truthful and accurate in any feedback comments they leave on another member of ComicBidz.com. You agree not to use any foul, obscene or libelous language in feedback comments. You acknowledge that you cannot withdraw or edit a feedback comment once you have submitted it. You agree to make every reasonable effort to resolve any disputes or disagreements with the other person BEFORE you leave feedback on that person. You agree that you may be held accountable for all statements you make in feedback comments.
What are the fees?
There are no fees to bid on an auction. But when you bid on an auction you are entering into a binding contract whereby you agree to pay for the item in a timely fashion if you win it and to abide by the Payment and Shipping Terms as set forth in the auction description. Do not bid on any item unless you are willing and able to purchase it for the maximum amount you bid. Members who bid on an item and win it and then refuse to pay for it without a very good reason will be suspended.
How often are your pages updated?
Our pages are updated every time you view a new page, and every 5 minutes even if you stay on the same page. If you want to be certain you are seeing the very latest information, click your refresh button in your browser.  Also, your My Area bidding and selling pages refresh automatically -- see the yellow help boxes on those pages for more information.


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