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We Are Buying Collections!

What do you have to sell?

At we buy all different types of collectibles and we pay top prices for items we need.

Need instant Ca$h ?.....No problem, we are backed by huge lines of credit to help us buy collections that cost as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars (that's $100,000.+ !!) !!!!

Too far away from us geographically ??....No problem..We have agents across the country who can view and purchase collections on our behalf.

  • Comic Books and Related items
  • Original Comic Book & Comic Strip Art
  • Pulp, Paperback & Magazine Cover Paintings
  • EC, DC & Marvel Comic Art
  • Golden Age & Silver Age Comic Art
  • Newspaper Libraries 1885-1960
  • Big Little Books & other Whitmans
  • Baseball & Non-Sports Cards
  • Pulps & Magazines & Paperback books
  • Movie Posters, Lobby Cards Stills & more
  • Collectible Toys, Tin Toys, Robots etc
  • Movie Magazines 1900-1960
  • Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett & Spillane
  • Hardcover Photoplay Editions
  • Pin-Up Paintings by Elvgren, Mozert, Armstrong
  • Foreign Movie Posters
  • Art by Herriman, Segar, Frazetta, Raymond, Foster, Lou Fine, Ditko, Kirby, Byrne, Eisner
  • All Kinds of Collectibles......

Contact Us at
for further information and for prompt service....

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Comic History and Artist Biographies

One of the best comic sites on the web is Comic Art & Graffix Gallery Museum and Comic Encyclopedia. Started in 1994t is also one of the earliest websites period.

It was the first site on the web to include comic history and biographies of comic artists and was even featured on CNN as a great site to visit.
(see a clip at this link)

The site also offers FREE downloads of Golden Age Comic Books to read and comic cover galleries that are updated every week. Save them to your desktop or collect them.

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